Attempting to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle in St. Louis

Environmentally friendly decisions are tough

Is a Green rehab/addition on a 90yr old home feasible? May 20, 2007

Filed under: Green Rehab — budint @ 12:12 am

So, the wife and I are embarking on a very exciting new project this summer and we have a lot of decisions to make. We’re doing a partial rehab and 600sq ft addition on to a bungalow we just bought in St Louis. (it’s a big project: excavation, garage, changing the roofline, etc)

This in itself might be a bit overwhelming, but for me (and a little bit her), it wasn’t enough. We want to approach all of our decisions with a green, sustainable and energy efficient perspective. I’m probably a bit more into this than she is (dramatic understatement) but she’s willing to at least consider each decision within this framework as long as the design/aesthetics aren’t compromised and the price is roughly the same.

So I give to you the big challenge: Can we do this project with good looking sustainable materials for a cost similar to if we chose materials harmful to the earth?

I’ll highlight the trials and tribulations of trying to do this project throughout the summer. I’m hoping to prove that with little extra cost and little loss of panache, we can do this the Al Gore way.


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